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Russians are ranked 6th in crime rates and ranked 1st in criminal justice system which is 134% more than United States whereas the crime rate of…
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Crime Problem from an Historical Perspective
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Crime Rate CRIME RATE Crime in Russia and United s is present in various forms such as money laundering, extortion, human trafficking and terrorism. Russians are ranked 6th in crime rates and ranked 1st in criminal justice system which is 134% more than United States whereas the crime rate of United States is 3 times more than Russia and ranked 1st in world. In 2009, the crime rate of United States was 3466 crimes per 100,000 residents (Terril, 2009).
Citizens play a variety of important roles in the development of justice system. The societal behavior against crime to develop justice system in United States is better than what is seen in Russia. Involvement of American society to the functioning of the justice system plays a vital role against crimes in a democratic environment. The societal behavior against crimes in United States is strong which deliberately reacts on justice system and present Hate Crime Laws in 1990 by George H.W. Bush (Terril, 2009).
These laws protect civil society in which Attorney General is required to collect data on crimes which are committed because of the victim’s religion, race, disability or ethnicity. In Russia, after protests from the society against crimes raised, the government took serious actions and made a Federal Security Service (FSB) which now investigates crimes of national and international scope and provides security to the civil society. In 1996, under Russian Federal jurisdictio system criminal justice system started which solve many problems of the society. Criminal act is an act or possession under the laws of government which poses a violation of laws. The serial rapist is a crime without weapon, using physical force to do this crime and this unique criminal behavior must be controlled (Terril, 2009).
Terrill, R. J. (2009). World criminal justice systems: A survey. Cincinnati, Ohio: Anderson Pub. Co. Read More
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