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Belgium's economic and monetary affairs - Research Paper Example

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Belgium is considered to be one of the core founding member countries of the European union, which was formed early after the World War II, in effort to enhance peace between the neighboring countries, and unite European nations in that period that was characterized by war. The…
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Belgiums economic and monetary affairs
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Extract of sample "Belgium's economic and monetary affairs"

Download file to see previous pages Belgium consists of two major nationalists, the Flemish speaking north, and the French speaking Walloons in the south. The other subset arises from Brussels, the Bilingual capital, where the two major nationalists share official ranks. It is also a constitutional monarchy that experiences lots of tension and political instabilities, as the two major cultural groups in the separate regions, fail to reconcile their differences for the coalition governments to run effectively. Belgium, as a founder member of European Union has been an active contributor to pursue European integration, fully signed up to main measures of closer co-operation, comprising of Euro and Schengen convention (“Belgium and Luxembourg,” Belgium hosts lots of General European institutions and meetings. The headquarters of EU, venue of EU council presidencies, EESC, and CoR institutions strongly linked to EU are all based in Brussels (“Belgium and the European,” With continued active participation in the EU, the Belgian’s lives, country policies and identity has been structured, due to common EU policies and objectives. In turn, Belgium has influenced European policymaking in economics and the finance sectors.
With the country having the chance to hold seatings of major European Union institutions and meetings, the politicians within its region fully participate in decision making processes. Other nations could feel neglected as Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany influence most of the decisions, but at the same time the power to object lies with the majority, which most of the countries do not show full commitment to. Even if Belgium is part of the small member states of the EU, it is well conversant with EU’s objectives, and takes advantage of been host to major EU functions, where personnel and policy experts actively participate, enhancing their argumentative power, which influences policy making that could favors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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