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As a government, he United States has always frowned upon any nation that represses the rights of its people and hands over the authority to govern a nation to only one person, a shared government leadership, or a military junta. Though the U.S. must safeguard the fragile…
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1. As a government, he United s has always frowned upon any nation that represses the rights of its people and hands over the ity to govern a nation to only one person, a shared government leadership, or a military junta. Though the U.S. must safeguard the fragile peace that exists in the region in order to maintain a stable oil supply for the world, it is important that our nation do so without compromising our political foundation. We must not support and supply countries that oppress their people with financial aid and arms that can be used to harm them. The United States must find a way to keep the oil supply going without sacrificing the people of that nation. An autocracy has no place in the modern free world and the United States has no business supporting such types of governments.
2. Although the concept of globalization helps businesses to increase their income over a short period of time, globalization is something that has done more harm than good Americans. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs while others continue to live with the threat of retrenchment. Globalization is something that has directly affected me because the part time job that I work at has cut my work hours, forcing me to take a pay cut in order to stay employed. The world may be benefiting from the open market of the United States but those living in American continue to suffer the consequences of the open market. Read More
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