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For instance, the French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville was inspired to even write a book on “Democracy in America”. In his book,…
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Describe the political situation in the south after the end of reconstruction
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Political situation in the south after reconstruction Political situation in the south after reconstruction
The discovery and independence of the United States attracted a lot of foreigners with the anxiety to how America’s democracy came to be. For instance, the French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville was inspired to even write a book on “Democracy in America”. In his book, “The American Commonwealth of 1888”, James Bryce states how it was very unpleasing to put the American politics in to practice.
It is absurd that only the times of campaigns is when leaders are bound to emerge and debate pressing issues in the society. Despite their actions being justified especially during civil war eras, they still maintained the same status quo when they ascend to power. They never had the people’s interests at heart. This was evident in the reign of the president Hayes and even president Garfield. In most cases, the president task is to ensure that they are loyal to their citizens without favor. However, that was not the case as most of them awarded jobs and other 1privileges to the people who voted them in. The rotten political landscape not only affected the political field, but also stretched into the other arms of government too.2
The American courts were not an exemption either. Its main challenge was to ensure that the state does not deprive the police the power to protect the welfare of the vulnerable citizens from those leaders who are self-centered. Politics being the song of American citizens especially in every event since the late 19th century, party loyalty was a serious issue. Republicans were considered as synonyms for patriotism while the democrats were self respected individuals. The post reconstruction politics was meant that the one party system of politics faced opposition mainly from the less fortunate whites and even the black republicans too. Racial violence was rampant and for such a reason the black Americans had no choice but to unwillingly submit to their white counterparts.
Bedford St Martins. Politics in the age of enterprise. Available online Read More
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