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Artistic fields such as painting, architecture, photography and drawings have developed and witnessed an improvement in creativity and delivery. This exercise will focus five works of art from the…
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Five works discription from the book
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Download file to see previous pages Five of the most considerable historical art eras namely renaissance, baroque, romanticism, pop and cubism are represented at least by one piece of art. Each of these works will be identified, described, interpreted and analyzed before concluding the observations.
The name of the artist was Leonardo Da Vinci and the title of his work is The Last Supper which can be viewed at (1). The work is assumed to have begun in 1495 but was officially commissioned in 1520. The media that the artist used was oil on canvas. In the text, the painting is located in the thirteenth chapter of Art across Time, namely the Early Renaissance.
The painting represents the Last Supper as told in the gospel about Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. Da Vinci depicts how Jesus Christ had his last meal and thereafter announced that one of his disciples would portray him. The most notable element which the painter succeeds in bringing out is the element of balance (Kenneth, 144). In the Last super painting, balance is symmetrical and static which enables the viewer feel a visual weight. Secondly, color as an element in this painting is used to enhance symbolism of the expected separation of Jesus from his disciples. The combination of primary and secondary colors showed a situation of lukewarm expectation but the darker colors seem to prevail. Lastly, the tactile texture succeeded in bringing out the nostalgic and fading mood in the room.
The painter was trying to communicate the story of communion and betrayal of Jesus Christ. The viewer gets the story from the painting about the mood and message that Jesus was communicating. All attention is on his face but he looks to the left where probably as a symbolic gesture from the betrayal was to originate. For a neutral viewer, the painting creates a feeling of reminiscence. Since it has a religious theme, a Christian who understands the story can instantly relate because of the value.
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