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When referring to the bipolar world in the context of the Cold War, essentially, what we mean is nothing other than a clear logical division in ideology, beliefs, and other economic practices. In this sense, the bipolar world was occasioned right after the World War II. The…
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What are the main features of a bipolar world Illustrate your answer with examples
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Download file to see previous pages The bipolarity as explained above was a period in which US, her allies, the USSR, and her allies held extreme views in all manner of sense; from political to economic issues.
The period was also characterized with suspicion and propaganda, the suspicion that USSR or United States were in the process of developing weapons of mass destruction. It must be noted that there were no formal confirmation of this allegation rather a state of being insecure given that both USSR and the US emerged as the World super power and had Veto powers in the UN council (Hunt, 147). It can be believed that the war bipolarity was necessitated by the fact that both USSR and US emerged as super powers and were posing significant threat to each other, the only way they could deal with the situation was holding contrary view. It accentuates our belief that way because in any event, the two countries were in the same front all along from 1914-45.
Even though in the bipolar world there were no direct military confrontations, most of the historian have alluded that it can be termed as the world war III. This is because the two opposing groups, USSR, and U.S were involved in indirect wars by supporting their proxies with military and economic aids. The situations were glaring in the cases of Korean and the Vietnam. The Cuban missile crisis was also a manifestation of the proxy involvement of the two antagonistic sides in 1962. Some of the factors that led to the bipolarity were; The Soviet were in a mad rush to spread communism ideology in the world as a matter of having no option to even the minority countries, this was against the American position that was hinged more on democracy.
The American acquisition of the all-lethal atomic bomb made USSR restless considering that they were also super powers. In as much as the two countries emerged super powers in the concluded world wars, they had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“What Are the Main Features of a Bipolar World Illustrate Your Answer Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1608765-what-are-the-main-features-of-a-bipolar-world-illustrate-your-answer-with-examples.
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