Anti- Federalist paper: Brutus andFederalist no 10: James Madison - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on comparison here is of the two articles written by Madison and Brutus. Both have extremely different opinions regarding the same question “A confederated government is best for the United States of America or not.”…
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Anti- Federalist paper: Brutus andFederalist no 10: James Madison
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Download file to see previous pages The people should be divided into different interest sectors and categories so that they have little time to concentrate on issues like discrimination, disruption and being an oppressor. Madison talks about unity, a united country with united people, common interests, decisions, thinking and arguments. He states up to the extent. The main advantage of having a country under one body is the representatives selected are refined through a lot of people (and a lot of people deciding to cast a vote for the same person cannot be wrong). Such a medium of chosen bodies are the best in wisdom and may best discern and distinguish the true interest of the country. It would be more consonant and publically good to hire people who could translate their thinking and mind-set on a broader scale.
The number of the elected representatives should not be increased as a selection of a lot of people brings about trouble and selection of a few results in a disaster. You get and elect trained and practiced people who decide for your future thus taking the country to a new direction the best part of such a structure is that no one can dawn upon the other, that means no bullying can be done and no tyrant can be sustainable. Also, they cannot just do wrong as they are the center of attention of a lot of people and their every movement is being recorded.
Brutus in the article Anti- Federalist paper states that there should be thirteen different states with an individual executive and judiciary. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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