The rise of the German unification and how it affected the french military policy during the period of 1840-1870 - Research Paper Example

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After the Second World War, West Europeans felt that Germany was secure when weak and divided. France enjoyed a special position in a divided Europe that…
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The rise of the German unification and how it affected the french military policy during the period of 1840-1870
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Extract of sample "The rise of the German unification and how it affected the french military policy during the period of 1840-1870"

Download file to see previous pages Germany is a state in Europe that rose into power during the German Unification of 1840-1870, and became a part of the Status Quo. Before it became unified, Germany entered into different wars such as the Austro-Prussian War, Danish War, and Franco-Prussian War. Prussia was a major boost for the German Unification, after it defeated Austria that had dominated Germany. The Unification was not an easy process, but the Germans were patient. Their main strengths were the growth of the economy, the effective railway network, and superior weapons.
1Today, Germany is a modern state, in the 19th Century it was made up of a collection of smaller states that formed the German Confederation. These Confederations were controlled by Austria. In the 1860`s, the control of Austria was challenged by the Prussia, the development of the unification, and codification of Germany.
2The process of unification began as a gradual evolution of economic affinity from the early stages of Industrial Revolution in the mid 19th Century, which made the German state modify towards economic unification. Some of the economic modifications were like the growth of the railway network in Germany, which made it easy to access different resources across the Confederations. This railway network helped to enhance economic growth, and economic prosperity. This growth also resulted to the formation of the Zollverin Customs union; this accordance was amongst the German states, to introduce a preferential custom policy for its members.
Schleswig and Holstein were two German duchies that were under the control of the Danish. The Holstein population was largely German speaking and the Schleswig was a mixture of Germans and Danes. 3In the year 1840, the Dane tried to claim Schleswig and Holstein to be part of Denmark, instead of having a semi-independent duchy. This angered the German nationalist and demanded for the two duchies to be incorporated into the German Confederation. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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