The Savage War: The Untold Battles of Afghanistan (author: Murray Brewster)...*directions in the detail box* - Book Report/Review Example

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There are about 33,000 troops under the NATO command in Afghanistan, and out of those 12,000 are Americans and 2500 are Canadian troops. The Canadian troops were deployed to southern…
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Download file to see previous pages Out of the many published descriptions, The Savage War has been one of the finest.
The Savage War offers its readers a framework of expressive work and thoughts of the descriptive efforts and events that took place during the years of the war in Afghanistan. The book gives a compelling look at the war and explains how the war has been conducted by the Canadian soldiers and their forces on the ground and on the highest echelons. The Canadian forces and their allies served as a body of troops fighting together against the one country. The war gave value to many of the journalists and reporters that were participating in all the events. These journalists may not have fought in the war, but they certainly had an experience in the war surroundings (Horn 357).
One of those extremely talented and important journalists was Murray Brewster. The best thing about the book is that it tells a descriptive account of the war in the new perspective that Brewster has created and conveyed to the readers. He has been an influential writer and journalist for the coverage of the war, and his work has proved to be one of the best contributions for the readers and the many people concerned with it including politicians, news reporters and analysts. Brewster has provided his expertise through his unprecedented access to the events and the documents. He has enriched the book with his exceptional storytelling and his writing skills that have gained him the position of an award winning reporter (Horn 357).
Brewster has a powerful new perspective for the war which allows him to be able to deliver his experience and the realistic approach towards the war for the people who are away from it yet involved. Brewster has been the only person amongst his peers who has spent the most time in the trenches and has written the book in first person explaining the ideas.
The Savage War provides a straight forward approach to the principal figures and events of the war that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Savage War: The Untold Battles of Afghanistan (author: Murray Book Report/Review.
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