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Resolved collective bargaining rights - Assignment Example

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The issue of whether or not to repeal resolved collective bargaining rights for state and local governments in New York has become a subject of debate amongst management professionals in the United States of America. However, the pendulum of this discussion swings towards the…
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Resolved collective bargaining rights
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8 November Resolved collective bargaining rights The issue of whether or not to repeal resolved collective bargaining rights for state and local governments in New York has become a subject of debate amongst management professionals in the United States of America. However, the pendulum of this discussion swings towards the side in support of repealing the resolved collective bargaining rights for state and local governments in New York.
One of the reasons that, the resolved collective bargaining right should be repealed is that, it costs the state and local taxpayers a huge sum of money. Thus, due to the high costs of running the resolved collective bargaining rights, it should be repealed in the New York.
Collective bargaining rights have made the employees of the state and local government employees of New York to earn salaries that are above the average wages for workers and this means that, taxpayers would have to pay through their noses in order to ensure that, the government pay the wages of these workers. Thus, the collective bargaining rights are causing a heavy burden on the taxpayers and for this reason, it should be repealed.
The repealing of the collective bargaining rights in the state and local government of New York would help save huge sums of money that would have been used in paying these workers. “Nothing is more dangerous to public welfare than to admit that hired servants of the State can dictate to the government the hours, the wages and conditions under which they will carry on essential services vital to the welfare, safety, and security of the citizen.” (Disalvo par. 12). The fact that, the collective bargaining rights have empowered the labor leaders to dictate to the government is not in any way healthy for democracy, as one cannot have two drivers in the same bus. Thus, the resolved collective bargaining rights for state and local governments in New York should be repealed.
Work Cited
Disalvo, Daniel. “The Trouble with Public Sector Unions.” National Affairs Journal 5 (Fall
2010): n.pag. Web. 8 November 2012. Read More
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