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Azrack, on March 21, 2012, charged two men, Brian Wilson and Clive Bennett with stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewellery, diamond, and other personal property from express mail service at a United States postal…
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Two Men Arrested for String of Thefts from U.S. Mail
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Two men arrested for string of thefts from U.S. Mail A United s Magistrate Judge, Joan M. Azrack, on March 21, 2012, charged two men, Brian Wilson and Clive Bennett with stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewellery, diamond, and other personal property from express mail service at a United States postal facility at JFK Airport, in New York (U.S. Attorney’s Office 1). The claims were made by Postal Inspector in Charge, Ronald J. Verrochio; FBI agent, Janice K. Fedarcyk, from New York Field Office; and United States Attorney, Loretta E. Lynch. The complainants alleged these men were responsible for a string of thefts from U.S. mails that occurred between January 12, 2012 and March 16, 2012 (U.S. Attorney’s Office 1). These men do not work as United States postal employees, but as employees of a private mail- handling firm, which delivers air parcels to the JFK Post Office.
Earlier, during the year, there were several cases of missing items reported to the postal inspectors. The postal inspectors, alongside other FBI agents, launched a thorough investigation on mail handlers, which lasted for several weeks. Their investigation revealed several instances where Wilson and Bennett occasionally moved express mail bags to private locations, where they searched the parcels and stole valuable items and other merchandizes (U.S. Attorney’s Office 1). Police then issued a warrant of arrest for both men. On March 20, 2012, FBI agents arrested both men, and upon being searched, several items, whose descriptions match the missing items, were recovered at their premises.
Airmail theft is one of the ways of derailing the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and stifling personal communication (U.S. Attorney’s Office 1). Airmailing is a significant means of communication between traders, through which they move goods and other items from one region to another, within a short period. When individuals and companies do not receive their mails, they lose trust in the services offered by U.S. postal corporation, which in turn, damages the company’s reputation, thus reducing its market strength against its key rivals, especially from the private sector like the DHL Inc. Additionally, lost items inconvenience businesses by increasing their cost of productions, which make them register significant loses. It is, therefore, necessary to investigate and combat airmail thefts, not only in the U.S., but also in other nations.
Mail theft significantly inconveniences both businesses and individuals. This is because they lose their valuable items, which are worth $1 billion, every year. For example, according to the report released by FBI agents and the postal inspectors, valuable items such as Smartphones, iPods, diamonds and jewellery of worth $50,000 were lost between January 12, 2012 and March 16, 2012 (U.S. Attorney’s Office 1). Therefore, the postal corporation has to ensure that packages and communication are transported securely and safely. This will enable individuals and businesses to receive their items in safely and within the stipulated time frames. The corporation also has to protect its image and reputation to ensure that the public continue using its services (Barnes et al 5).
In conclusion, postal inspectors, in collaboration with FBI agents, should work together and ensure that more people do not become victimized by this act. This will prevent further personal inconvenience and financial damages. This will also enhance the reputation of U.S. mail services among its users. Stealing of U.S. postal items is punishable by a five years’ imprisonment, and pay of damages caused (Barnes et al 5).
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