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America’s politically astute individuals are aware of the fact that President Reagan is responsible for the advent of assaults on unions in the country, when he took on the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO). His refusal to hold negotiations with the union…
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Air traffic controllers
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(Section) Due) Discussion America’s politically astute individuals are aware of the fact that President Reagan is responsible for the advent of assaults on unions in the country, when he took on the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO). His refusal to hold negotiations with the union about working conditions and pay, and then consequently replacing the workers was a pace setter for the eradication of unions as well as the middle class that goes on presently. President Reagan’s confrontation functioned to undermine American workers’ bargaining power as well as that of their labor unions in a manner that supersedes any labor dispute within the last three decades. In addition to that, the confrontation polarized American politics in ways that hinder the populace from dealing with the root of the country’s economic problems. Reagan took an enormous risk by firing the individuals on strike. Air travel was put in serious jeopardy, and the system took several years and cost billions of dollars (more than the amount demanded by PATCO) to return to normal (Daily Kos 2012)
The number of workers taking part in walkouts in 2010 was two percent less than it had been in 1952 when the actors’ strike was led by Reagan. Unions therefore lack the leverage once associated with strikes, and have not been able to put pressure on employers to raise wages with the rise in productivity. Inequality has risen to a level that was not experienced since the 1920s when Reagan was in his boyhood (Daily Kos 2012).
The event was and is still rightfully a moment that can be considered an attempt by the Republican Party to annihilate unions as well as the union movement. Since Reagan’s confrontation with PATCO, there has been a precipitous decline in the membership of unions, coupled with working class Americans experiencing stagnant salaries and wages, while the pay of senior executives who control big industries and corporations rises to unimaginable levels. During the last days of his 1980 election campaign, Reagan wrote to Robert Poli-PATCO’s president, expressing his understanding of the many concerns air traffic controllers experienced with regard to working conditions, pay, and outmoded equipment. He made a promise to avail up-to date equipment and working schedules that were not brutal, in accordance with public safety. PATCO endorsed Reagan, who on becoming president acted in contravention to his word (Daily Kos 2012). Based on the premises mentioned, Reagan was wrong to fire the traffic controllers.
Daily Kos. (2012).” Remembering Reagans Sweet Little Lie to the Air Traffic Controllers." Daily Kos :: News Community Action. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. . Read More
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