The Voice of Conservatism: Metternich of Austria - Essay Example

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The paper seeks to find the understanding of conservatism. Metternich defines conservatism from two different angles: that of theology (through the monarch) and political (through the government). …
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The Voice of Conservatism: Metternich of Austria
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Extract of sample "The Voice of Conservatism: Metternich of Austria"

The Voice of Conservatism: Metternich of Austria Based on Metternich’s discussion, how would you define conservatism?
Metternich defines conservatism from two different angles: that of theology (through the monarch) and political (through the government). From the point of view of monarchs, conservatism can be defines as a principle aimed at maintaining the political institutions against all forms of excitements and madness that mankind has which lead to destruction. From the government, conservatism entails a strong, vigorous and free government that takes its stand unambiguously and announces its principles freely to the society.
What experiences conditioned Metternich’s ideas?
According to Metternich, the ruling under Bonaparte which was in a military manner and marked by revolutions led him to want a different definition of conservatism and also inspired his ideas that are in the memoirs. The lack of press liberty which would have aired the happenings of Europe at large also conditioned him to have such ideas.
Based on this selection, what policies do you think Metternich would have wanted his government to purse?
The first is to have a policy that mandates the government to be frank and truthful to its people and this would make the people have more trust with their government and their leaders in government too. This would also lead to respect and stability of the laws. The other policy would be to unite the political institutions so that they can work as one for the good on mankind because their separateness was leading to desires of destruction. Other than the two above, another important policy is the one that would suppress the secret societies that corrupt the society. Their suppression would also lead to strong union of society members.
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Klemens von Metternich. Memoirs, Alexander Napler, trans. London: Richard Bentley & Sons, 1881. Read More
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