Religion is a double-edged sword, both supporting and undermining political authority and social elites - Essay Example

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Religion has been often labeled as the main protagonist along the lines of the philosophy of society and politics. Religion has played an…
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Religion is a double-edged sword, both supporting and undermining political authority and social elites
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Extract of sample "Religion is a double-edged sword, both supporting and undermining political authority and social elites"

Assignment Assignment The premises of the paper are that Religion is a double-edged sword, both supporting and undermining political ity and elites. Religion has been often labeled as the main protagonist along the lines of the philosophy of society and politics. Religion has played an instrumental role in shaping the politics of nation worldwide. It has been a key ingredient in the whole dynamics of national politics. It is often said and remarked that religion has been the bane of political movement throughout the world. There is some degree of truth in such statements; however, one should also understand that religion has been crucial in shaping the thought processes of the people for the better. It has brought positivity into the culture of the society when the politics of the nation has failed them. (Cauthen)
Let us now look at religion as a support towards political authority and elites, and then we shall look at religion undermining political authority and elites. During the days of the crusades, Christianity as a religion took complete control over the Roman Empire. It entered the zone of politics and was extremely instrumental in taking control of the empire. Religion has for long contained the fervor of politics. Nowadays, in countries like the Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the rest of the Middle East along with Pakistan and Afghanistan, religion takes the primary role in shaping the political and administrative identity of the nations. However, in countries like the USA, the European countries, religion has undermined the role of politics and has taken a step back in matters regarding politics and other important matters, which are crucial in the governance of the country. ("Politics & Elections") Religion has been a subdued way of living for the people in the Western countries since they are not concerned with the type of religion of the people, but are more concerned with the humanitarian nature of the people.
This part of the paper shall study how religion undermines and supports the elites in different countries. In those countries where the influence of religion is very high the elites manage the affairs of the country through the use of religion. It is a very balanced state of affairs, which has an influence upon the way the functioning of the states, happens. It is imperative to note that states where the importance of religion is primary, the elites also don the hat of religious groups in order to settle with the people of the State. Through the ages the elites have supported the religious identities and fanaticism wherever it was deemed necessary by them. It is paramount to understand that elites have always withstood the charge of religion when it was important to counter attack a growing menace of fanaticism, which threatened to eat into the hands of elites’ power struggle.
In such cases, the elites have surely undermined the authority of religions in cases where it was not suitable for their existence.
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