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My opinion about a movie - Book Report/Review Example

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The movie entitled America’s Stone Age Explorers is a high quality educational film which uses a combination of interviews with experts, re-enacted scenes from the stone age, and a narrative voice-over which links all the sections together. My first impression was very…
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My opinion about a movie
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My opinion about the movie America’s Stone Age Explorers. The movie en d America’s Stone Age Explorers is a high quality educational film which uses a combination of interviews with experts, re-enacted scenes from the stone age, and a narrative voice-over which links all the sections together. My first impression was very positive, because the language was clear, and the whole movie seemed to be dealing with a controversial new theory about the first humans to colonize the Americas. I thought the pace of the movie was quite slow, however, and it was repetitive in parts with frequent scenes and images appearing several times to stress the importance of specific features. At first I found this annoying. As the movie progressed, however, I relaxed into the slow unfolding story and enjoyed thinking about these distant times in the earth’s history when the ice covered up large parts of Europe and North America.
The main point of the movie was to show that new evidence has been found by archaeologists and this latest knowledge casts doubt upon the traditional theory of colonization from a corridor via Siberia and through Alaska and suggested colonization over sea from Europe. I was convinced that the new evidence was sufficient to call that older theory into question, especially since the finding of older spear points in South America. The DNA evidence was not conclusive, however, and so I think that more research is needed before this point is proven once and for all. The biggest message that I take from this movie is that scientists can only deal with the evidence that they find, and yet they do tend to stick to their theories, even when new evidence comes along. It reminds me that human knowledge is never complete, and that we have to keep an open mind, even about matters that seem to be decided, because it is always possible that older theories are wrong, and other explanations can be found.
America’s Stone Age Explorers. Providence Pictures. (2004). Film. Read More
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