The Legend of Silver Heels by Riedy and Adams - Book Report/Review Example

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 This report "The Legend of Silver Heels by Riedy and Adams" discusses one of the most famous ghost stories is The Legend of Silver Heels. The legend is about a dancehall girl who lived in Colorado, particularly near Buckskin Joe’s mining camp. This Cherokee girl was nicknamed Silverheels…
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The Legend of Silver Heels by Riedy and Adams
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 The miners who survived the epidemic proceeded to raise 5,000 dollars for her as an expression of gratitude. Upon reaching the abandoned cabin to hand over this token of gratefulness, the survivors became convinced that Silverheels had hidden since the plague had thoroughly scared her.  Many years after Buckskin Joe was pummeled down, there were multiple accounts of a woman in black veil gracing the graves of those who had perished in the 1861 epidemic being seen. Thus, the nearby mountain’s name was changed to Silverheels. Even today, there are still claims of a dark veiled woman walking about the Buckskin Joe cemetery.     Conclusion             The story remains speaks of events that took place during Colorado’s gold rush. Specifically, the legend explains how Mount Silverheels got its name and also corroborates with other accounts that divulge on the outbreak of leprosy in Colorado, in 1861. The legend also remains sacrosanct to career development since it underscores the importance of commitment to work ethics, especially in the field of nursing. If Silverheels though not a nurse could sacrifice her safety and person for the lepers, then nurses ought to emulate her, if not outdo her. The story is of great personal interest because of its immense contribution to the most important socio-cultural value which is selfless charity.      Read More
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The Legend of Silver Heels by Riedy and Adams Book Report/Review.
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