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Colonial history US History - Research Paper Example

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On the night of the 18th and 19th of April just before we could see the light of day, Lexington was under heavy gunfire from the British forces who were on a mission in the town…
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Colonial history US History
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Extract of sample "Colonial history US History"

Oct. 19th This spring of 1775 marks the most outstanding events in the politics of Lexington Massachusetts. On the night of the 18th and 19th of April just before we could see the light of day, Lexington was under heavy gunfire from the British forces who were on a mission in the town. There has been rising anxiety and tension in the country, which was brought about by the invasion and activities of the British forces in Massachusetts. This is because there were militias in concord who were reported to have stored gunpowder and cannons in the town (Frothingham, 365-366). This information has been gathered over the past seven days through intelligence by the forces. Relevant sources inform that there is news spreading through the countryside that some leaders had strayed in Lexington, and had weapons stored in Concord for purposes of destabilizing the crown. General Gage who sent his aides to town in the past four days organized this intelligence gathering; hence, the militias were aware of Gage’s mission and intelligence plans. Therefore, they had established a communication system so that they could know in advance when the government’s forces were coming (“The Battle of Lexington” 310). This was made to ensure that their military supplies were safe. The militia is said to be under the command and organization of sympathetic colonialists Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
One of the militia’s comrades Paul Revere had organized a communication system of alerting the militia of the military’s coming and actions. On 19 April, upon spotting the British army, he used two lanterns as a signal of the British forces approach to seize the military equipments in Concord. However, aware of the generals interest in the town, the militia were said to have moved their equipment to other towns away from Concord (“The Battle of Lexington” 310). Word has it that he rode while signaling the lanterns from the north church across the Charles River. Revere and Dowse hurriedly rode their horses to the west of the town to sound the warning of the British arrival. The other messengers awakened the town by using the church bells, sounding of drums and firing shots to call everyone out. The town was suddenly running up and down from the alarms; moreover, John Parker who lined them up as the warning continued organized the militia.
The militia’s actions are likely to mark the beginning of a revolution against the crown; this is expressed by the events that happened before the shot that was heard around Lexington and people say was heard around the world due to its magnitude effect. In my opinion, the impact of the events that occurred in Lexington was felt far wide across the colony, and it cannot be ignored. After Smith and the forces subdued Parker and his militia in Lexington, they proceeded to Concord, moreover, in Concord; the militia there had fled and taken their position at the North Bridge where militia from surrounding towns joined them (“The Lexington of the Sea” 67-68). This brought with it heavy fighting between the militia and Smith’s forces and the effect has spread across other colonies. The general’s forces are said to be overwhelmed by the effect of the conflict that started in Lexington. Hence, this could be the beginning of a revolution for America against the British; it also marked the liberation of America from British oppression.
The war and conflict claimed the lives of many people including both the militia and the British forces; therefore, the society should be against the loss of lives through armed conflicts because it causes instability. On the other hand, the rebels did what they considered necessary for their people since they are fighting for their rights. They said that they are fighting against colonization, and this is justified by many people in the colony; moreover, the British have invaded in American territory and oppressed us hence the uprising.

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Colonial History US History Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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