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Political analysts have argued that investing in regional peacekeeping organization would provide a long lasting solution in dealing with insecurity cases across the globe. With the increase in the demand of proper security and defense forces, the world leading peacekeepers like…
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S4 W7 DQ1
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Investing in regional organizations affiliation Investing in regional organizations Political analysts have argued that investing in regional peacekeeping organization would provide a long lasting solution in dealing with insecurity cases across the globe. With the increase in the demand of proper security and defense forces, the world leading peacekeepers like the UN are having more than enough responsibility. This has clearly led to the neglect of some special security cases. For example, the status in Somalia was one of the worst across the whole of Africa. The whole country was under the control of a terror group which paralyzed the operations of the government. The situation became worse as the situation in the country started impacting negatively in the neighboring countries. It was at the time that the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) decided to launch an attack in country to flush out the terror group. Questions were being asked on where were the international bodies when the country needed liberation? Was the situation bad enough to capture their attention? It is for this reason that the west should focus on strengthening regional organizations (Clement & Smith, 2009).
With organized regional organizations like the ECOWAS, situations like in Somalia would have dealt with before the country was fully paralyzed. With many regions across the globe having organizations controlling leadership and economic operations, the west should pick out these groups and develop proper security forces to deal with cases of insecurity among its member states (Clement &Smith, 2009). A good example is the League of Arab States which was formed with the aim of cushioning the region financially and economically. With the rise on the need for security across the Arab world, the body is playing a crucial role in ensuring its members states are provided with peacekeeping troops.
Clement, C. & Smith, A. (2009) “Managing Complexity: Political and Managerial Challenges in United Nations Peace Operations,” New York: International Peace Institute. Read More
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