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Discussion 6 #2 - Essay Example

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Majority of the Muslims live in the internment camp, and many are sentenced to jail with no reason. Muslims experience the climate just as it was for Americans-Japanese descent during world war two…
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Discussion 6 #2
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Extract of sample "Discussion 6 #2"

Discussion 6 #2 Discussion 6 #2 After the events on September 11, Muslims are under siege in America. Majority of theMuslims live in the internment camp, and many are sentenced to jail with no reason. Muslims experience the climate just as it was for Americans-Japanese descent during world war two. Japanese-Americans were moved to internment camps to prevent them from helping the enemy. This is happening to Muslims in America as they live in internment camps and they are perceived as enemies. The only difference is that camps of today are effective. Government officials in America continue to harass Muslims with draconian law that limits their freedom. This results in building internment camps that house American Muslim community. The rights of Muslims in America are dismantled since they live in fear as government officials harass them consistently.
In the novel Buddha, in the Attic Japan, women are concerned about their husbands because they are kidnapped at the middle of the night.
“Some people being taken away in the middle of the night.” (Otsuka, 2012, Pp 81).
Men are taken and arrested without warning; thus, this made their families fear for their lives. They pretended not to be Japanese by burning their belonging, and they did not follow their traditions. Japanese women were kind to everyone, as they feared for the lives of their husbands.
“Men had been put on trains and sent far away, over the mountains, to the coldest part of the country”(Otsuka, 2012, Pp 81).
These women raise children who later reject their culture and loyalty. This is because of the deracinating arrival of the war. These women suffer for being Americans in times of war. They give in to anything because they fear for their lives during the war.
Otsuka, J. (2012). The Buddha in the Attic. New York: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Read More
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Discussion 6 #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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