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US Media Consulting is a principal American media company which specializes in offering media services to the Spanish speaking countries in South America. On the other hand, Al Jazeera is an independent news casting house owned by the Qatar government. The Qatar Media…
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Media comparison
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Media Comparison Instructions: Task: Media Comparison US Media Consulting is a principal American media company which specializes in offering media services to the Spanish speaking countries in South America. On the other hand, Al Jazeera is an independent news casting house owned by the Qatar government. The Qatar Media Corporation, based in Doha, Qatar controls the activities of the media company. These two media houses released parallel reports on the attack of the United States consulate in Bhengazi, Libya.
According to the Al Jazeera, Libya has a history of violent attacks and has readily available weapons. This made the consulate an easy target. Al Jazeera explains that the Libyan bureaucrats had given stern warnings to the American envoys to vacate the building just before the attack (Ryan, 2012). This was after the Libyan citizens began to protest against a movie ridiculing the Prophet Muhammed of the Muslim community. However, the diplomats did not listen to them. The building was finally attacked leading to the sudden deaths of the US ambassador to Libya among other three Americans. Ten Libyans were also killed.
Fawzi Abd al-Aali, a representative of eastern Libya’s interior ministry, stressed that the Americans could have escaped in the first few hours of the protest when the crowd was still manageable (Ryan, 2012). He also accredited the disaster to the state’s inability to enforce security and also the uncontrolled possession of heavy weapons by ordinary citizens.
However, the report according to the US Media Consulting is different. It suggests that the attack had probably been organized and preplanned by the al-Qaida and dismisses the claims that there had been an anti-American protest. Moreover, the report claims that Christopher Stevens had always raised alarms that his life was in danger, specifically spotting the fact that he had been listed in the al-Qaida punch record. Political analysts associate this to his continuous concern with al-Qaidas growing numbers in Libyan main towns. According to the US Media Consulting industry, the attack was organized by the al-Qaida probably with the help of the former Guantanamo Bay inmate Sufyan Ben Qumu (Post, 2012).
Comparing the two reports, it can be deduced that most media firms always tend to be biased. The report according to the US Media Consulting firm tends to dismiss the fact that the attack on the United States consulate in Bhengazi was due to the anti-American protest (Post, 2012). The coverage seems to be biased trying to protect the American image. Instead, it blames the al-Qaida for the same. The United States of America and the al-Qaida have always been public rivals for a long time. It is, therefore, difficult to tell whether the claims of the US Media firm are genuine or not.
The coverage by the Al Jazeera is not any fair too. The report begins by depicting the cause of the war to be purely an American fault. It claims that the Libyan citizens were agitated by a film produced by the Americans which belittled the Islamic religion (Ryan, 2012). Moreover, al-Qaida is not mentioned anywhere in the report. One can, therefore, make an assumption that the report was in support of the Muslim community.
In my opinion, it is difficult to trust any of the sources. None of the two media firms is more objective or factual than the other. They both tend to be biased at some point in their message delivery.
Ryan, Y. (2012, September 16). US consulate ‘easy target’ for extremists. ALJAZEERA, p.1A Retrieved from
Post, J. (2012, September 20). US media casts doubt on official Libya account. The Jerusalem Post, p.1.
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