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The early Church in the First Century broke away from ancient Jewish beliefs that women should not participate in worship services or gain a role of visibility as a Church leader. Prior to the start of the early Church, women got harsh punishment for appearing inside the court…
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Making connection
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HERE HERE HERE HERE Modern Connections to Early Christianity The early Church in the First Century broke away from ancient Jewish beliefs that women should not participate in worship services or gain a role of visibility as a Church leader. Prior to the start of the early Church, women got harsh punishment for appearing inside the court of worship. This was a tradition that was built from the time of Abraham. Allowing women to become active participants within the Church showed a change from the eye for an eye belief to a more liberal and Christ-like organization. Many in early Christianity not upholding all parts of the New Testament gospel still carried belief that this was not appropriate.
Today, this is matching history in women getting status within the Church and has strong political and social outcomes. It shows a new change from a male teaching and pastoral role that has been a part of the Church for nearly 2000 years. Similar prejudices and biases against the role of women are coming back to light as new church leaders elect female pastors to organize and instruct the congregation. While this shows a new type of liberalism in Christian values, it also shows that some parts of human behavior remain constant even over a long period of time. Individuals in the time before the modern Church believed they were authorized by the divine to hold back certain freedoms. Today, this same extreme behavior about being anointed teachers of Christ’s word exists and this same foolish belief in moral superiority still shows in society and politics. Read More
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