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Covering Islam is based on the worldly views of the Islam community (Said 45). The book talks about how the Western media has contemplated some of the realities in Islamic life. This…
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Covering Islam
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Download file to see previous pages This book mainly addresses some of the issues related to the hostage crisis in Iran (Said 72). Said observes that the negative image of Islam arises from the media portrayal. He talks about some of the relations between authority, facts and the Western media.
In Orientalism, Said deprecates the ethnocentric distortions of the Islamic world by the Westerners. Said also recasts a critical argument that concerns the current attitude portrayed by the Americans and their perception in general (Said 76). He later reviews the treatment of the media in America during the first two months of the hostage crisis. Finally, Said suggests a clear way out from the interpretive circle. This reveals that this book is disjointed and repetitive.
Said can be recommended as one of the greatest scholars in the analysis of current affairs. He deploys his scholarly interpretation of the public views and also castigates the backward state of mind in most superpower countries. This publication talks all about the support in propagandist pro-occidential thinking (Said 89). Said evaluates the media coverage of the Islamic community in the Middle East. He manages to come up with a thought-provoking challenge to the readers.
The subsequent intervention of military troops in Afghanistan, the confidence in Iraq and the events that took place in this era are viewed as prophetic since, the book was written even before 9/11. He also highlights that the understanding of Islam is solely based on the interest of the Western community. According to the context, the Islamic community is represented by experts, policy makers and journalists (Said 100).
The emphasis on the resistance to modernization and violence is also predominant because, most individuals believe that Muslims are not monolithic. Therefore, the news department was portraying an undifferentiated form of cultural stereotyping. Most of the arguments highlighted in this publication are dismissed due to several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Covering Islam Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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