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The Japanese economic miracle may be attributable to the American post war efforts to establish a functioning democracy in Japan…
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Japans Miracle Economy
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will discuss the contributing factors to the economic recovery in Japan after the WWII. The paper will look into the details of each contributing factor to shed the light on the cause of the fast and remarkable recovery in the nation’s destroyed economy after the war. While Japan’s miracle economy can be attributed to many factors, the American contribution was the greatest factor to the fast economic recovery.
America played a great role in the recovery of Japan’s post war economy. The US was in a position to help in the recovery of Japan’s economy since they did not suffer huge post war economic damages. One of the greatest contributions of the American government to the economic miracle was opening up trade channels between the two nations. After the war, Japan had suffered great inflation and the unemployment rate in the nation was at an all time high. America signed business treaties with Japan for its exports to the US and the return imports. The trade process was in favor of Japan and it led to a fast growth in the GDP. The US government imposed restriction policies on Japan’s imports hence providing big loans to the Japanese government. The US also sent economic experts to campaign for personal savings and capital investment in Japan which subsequently increased the rate of local and foreign investment in the nation. The American government piloted a recovery program for Japan which boosted the implementation of the new economic policies that the Japanese government had put in place after the war1.
The US offered top-level support for Japanese postwar democratization was through protecting Japan by the Seventh Fleet and support of the Japanese export drive. The US government policies favored the penetration of American market by Japanese corporations. The US had emerged from World War II as a major ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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