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The Renaissance Period 1350 -1600 in italy - Essay Example

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Historically, it referred to the period (1350-1600) in western civilization, which was characterized of the revitalization of three things classical world interest, commerce, and beliefs of human achievement. The most appealing…
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The Renaissance Period 1350 -1600 in italy
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"The Renaissance Period 1350 -1600 in italy"

Download file to see previous pages The Italy’s city-states transformed to commercial centres and unlike Europe, it never based its wealth on land but on capital and the power to lend. Politically, the nation was not as powerful as European counterparts were. However, their status as capital holders augmented growth and many nations came to them for loans. With no doubt, Renaissance Italy was principally an urban society where the city-states emerged as the centres of economic, social, and political life. There were new chances to enjoy world things as this was the time of restoration from the calamities of the 14th Century such as political disorder, economic recession, and black deaths.
The major concern for human worth and individual potentiality gave rise to the new society ideal of achievements in various aspects of life. After severe upheavals of the 14th century, there was a recovery of European economy as there positive improvement in trade and manufacturing. Indeed, the Italians particularly the Venetians improved in their lifestyles, as there was expanded wealth of commerce. Throughout middle ages, the Italian society was grouped into three estates, the first or the clergy was grounded on spiritual beliefs, and secondly the nobility that based their belief that nobles offered justice and security for the society. The third category was comprised of inhabitants with peasants of the cities and towns. By 1500, the old, new, and noble that constituted of 2 and 3% of the population dominated the society holding imperative political posts and serving as kings and advisers.
The new outlook of human beings began when Italians emphasized on individual ability. The Leon Battista Alberti philosophy “Men can do all things if they will” motivated many. It gave rise to human worth and individual potentiality to a new society ideal with many achievements. The family bond was the area where the mentioned philosophy was utilized. Parents regarded the need of arranged marriages for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the factors that contributed to the birth of the renaissance in italy
The renaissance was a new era that replaced the old Middle Ages way of thinking through enthusiasm for classical literature, learning, and art, thus, as an intellectual movement, renaissance takes such a paramount place in history. The renaissance was a period during which secular inquiry and self-reliant spirit, aspects of the classical antiquity, were pervasive, thus, people began to think, feel, and think, or reflect upon life, as did the men of ancient Greece and Rome.
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Villani’s chronicle gives the reader glimpses into the Florence of the early fourteenth century. The Florentine banker’s account draws attention to the fact that it was in Florence that the Renaissance had its birth. He is astutely aware that Rome is in decline and the rebirth, which is in the offing, is led by Florence, which “was mounting and pursuing great purposes” (36).
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The Renaissance Time Period
Various scholars, writers, artists, and artisans considered this period as a rebirth of learning as they took interest in exploring the Greek and Roman classics as their “source of inspiration, but at the same time, expressed an interest in the world around them” (Salisbury & Sherman, 2007).
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The Renaissance and its origin in Italy
The Renaissance and its origin in Italy. The term Renaissance literally means “rebirth”. This movement holds great significance for the social, cultural and political history of the West. Various theories have been advanced as to why the Renaissance took place and why it originated in what we know today as Italy.
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Renaissance Period
In Renaissance period, humanism was deeply connected to the rediscovery of Greek and Roman culture. The real Roman credentials of Constantine must have influenced Raphael when he painted Donation of Constantine in Greek-Roman style but the essence of the painting was contextually linked to Renaissance values that were prevalent in that period. 
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What are the two principle demands for artefact in Italy between 1300 and 1600
The principle demands for artifacts in Italy were increasing role of religion and church in life of citizens and new consumption patterns caused by accumulation of wealth and financial prosperity.
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However, one of the striking features about this period is that while Europe was searching its roots in the classical models, it was also making new discoveries of its own. It was as much a rediscovery or revival of lost ancient knowledge and technical knowledge as it was a movement to know themselves.
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The Renaissance is the period of European cultural history that is traditionally accepted as the period that marks the transition from the medieval times to the modern world, with the reawakening in literature, philosophy, art,
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Artist and Society in the Renaissance Period
The present essay is an attempt to study the relationship between the artist and the society during Renaissance /Reformation period with that of the artist and society during the late nineteenth century. The term Renaissance means 'rebirth'. During the period of Renaissance artists and thinkers looked back to prehistoric Greek and Roman origins for inspiration.
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The High Renaissance & Mannerism in Italy and the High Renaissance in the North
These artists exaggerated these forms using unconventional ways in order to heighten power, tension, elegance and emotion. Mannerism encompassed different stylistic approaches, which were influenced by the harmonious ideals that were associated with
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