The effect of various types of electoral balloting on election results - Research Paper Example

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In light of this, history has shown a remarkable trend in the evolution of the voter system in regard to electoral balloting. Embracing technology is apparent in the…
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The effect of various types of electoral balloting on election results
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Download file to see previous pages Paper ballots for political elections first appeared in America in 1889 (Fund 7). Originally, voters would write the name of their candidate of choice on a piece of paper (Fund 9). In modern times, parties preprint ballot papers, and the voter selects their preferred candidate by ticking or crossing (Fund 9). Incidence of human error that may occur while utilizing such a ballot is high. However, the reason why this system is ineffective is the laws that govern the likely occurrence of these errors. The Supreme Court set standards that ensure objectivity and fairness in the vote counting process (Segal et al 309). However, these standards seem prejudiced because they allow the skilled vote counters the privilege to utilize arguments such as technicalities to disqualify a vote even in situations where the voter displays intent (Streb 74). The ruling party in most instances may use these standards to reduce the votes for the opposition. For instance, the party may ensure its voter officials train better than those of the opposition allowing them to detect “technicalities” with much more ease than the opposition’s officials (Fund 35). As such, the officials favor voter intent for their party while rejecting voter intent for other parties. Currently, less than 2% of American voters utilize this system (Streb 92). Hand counting ballot papers is a time consuming cumbersome process (Streb 91). This may lead to errors as the electoral officials become overwhelmed by the counting. This method also has a high level of fraud as it is easy to steal or misplace them (Streb 91).
Mechanical lever machines first appeared in America in the 1892 elections. Their popularity over the years that followed reflects on the fraudulent nature of the paper ballot that people were trying to escape (Avaliktos 160). The citizenry trusted technology (hence the machine) over human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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