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Unit 2 Assignment Exploring the 1960s - Research Paper Example

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Cold war that started after the end of Second World War involved the two super powers of that time, U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) and U.S.A (United States of America). There was no direct war being fought between the two giants, however proxy wars and espionage…
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Unit 2 Assignment Exploring the 1960s
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"Unit 2 Assignment Exploring the 1960s"

Download file to see previous pages It ended with the disintegration of the Soviet Republic and dynamics of the world war being slightly modified by end of it (Gaddis, 2011).
Though the cold war might well have ended two decades ago, yet the seeds sown back then are showing their impact in different forms. A prime example in this case can be the Mujahedeen that were nurtured by the Americans against the Soviet Socialists, became their own enemies; as a result America had to go to War in Afghanistan against them. Various other countries have turned rebellious due to the cold war and have made America insecure in many aspects.
Other threats posed to the American nation as a whole include the bitter feeling that is left in the hearts of the then Soviet Socialists and present day Russia. They were humiliated at the end of it and their entire empire came down (Craig & Logevall, 2009).
In terms of protection for the family, vigilance is the word; each member of the family should know their responsibilities. The threats faced immediately after cold war were the nuclear arsenal being possessed by the disintegrated soviet republic. That threat has vaporized to a large extent. While in public they should be cautious and should report and notice anything suspicious. Besides this the onus falls upon the government to protect the citizens from any kind of vulnerabilities that might exist in the surroundings (Tuttle, 1993).
The cold war that lasted from 1950s to 1990s set up new paradigms for times ahead. What we see today is largely because of the cold war that established its roots deep into various countries political operations and foreign affairs. The end of cold war resulted in total submission and defeat of one of the power and left alone capitalist power United States to dictate terms in future. The then U.S.S.R has gone on back foot after being humbled at end of the war. The Berlin wall was another event which marked the end of cold war after the U.S.S.R ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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