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As a former student of the narrator, Ma Li emerges as a very interesting character as the narrator depicts her. She was outspoken and discreet. She always said what…
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Boomtown Girl
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Download file to see previous pages She was also the youngest in the class. Her viewpoint was often unwavering and even though she tended to have a negative view of things, the narrator describes it as a self-defensive mechanism.
When they were away from each other, Ma Li and the narrator exchanged letters, as this is how they kept in touch. The narrator pays close attention to Ma Li and appears to have a special interest in her. While working with a jewelry factory in Shenzhen, she registered a positive trend; her salary grew by over 100 %, she entered a serious relationship and her character grew more apprehensive and bold. She is seen standing up to her boss and eventually quitting the job to become an English teacher at the nursery school level. As the plot unfolds, the narrator goes to visit Ma Li at Shenzhen where they bonded for a while. The narrator is seemingly impressed by the progress Ma Li was making especially the fact that ‘she was doing well’ in the narrator’s closing remarks.
As the plot unfolds, her character transforms and she becomes more confident. The narrator notes that much of her shyness had faded away as is evident in the way she stands against her boss after breaking curfew for which she was not apologetic at all. Likewise, she was becoming more responsible. She helped her family make ends meet especially by designating a portion of her salary towards paying school fees for one of her siblings. As the narrator writes, the newfound sense of responsibility, as evidenced from her growing obligation towards family, had given Ma Li a novel air of maturity. She was becoming more mature as she entered into a relationship with her boyfriend Gao Ming and started living together. She also felt responsible for her fellow workers and she often spent time with them when they felt lonely. During her college years, the narrator notes that Ma Li was not entirely social with other students (Hessler 3).
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Boomtown Girl Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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