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An essay "Activities of Hezbollah and Hamas" claims that the group is inclined towards jihadist ideology, and this is evident with the political landscape of the country. Hamas was conceived as a reaction towards the Israeli occupation of the Gaza strip…
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Activities of Hezbollah and Hamas
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Activities of Hezbollah and Hamas
The hezbollah was created to resist isreals invasion of lebanon. This was during the lebanesse civil war and the organization grew in stature following the departure of the isrealites. The organization has grown into a political entity in the recent past with strong support from the lebanesse public. The group is inclined towards jihadist ideology, and this is evident with the political landscape of the country wher the muslim religion is synonomous with politics (Norton, 2009).
Hamas, on the other hand, was concieved as a reaction towards the isreali occupation of the gaza strip. Hamas has two wings which involve, the social welfare and the millitary wing. The groups approach to the politics of the region is hardlined and radicalized, with jihadist ideologoies (Levitt and Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 2006).
The hamas has been branded by most western countries as a terroriest organization. This is in contrast with herzbollah which is a politilcal organization, though has ties with terrorist activities. The two organization play a key role in the political stability of the region, since their hardliner ideologies fuel the conflict and political situation in the middle east.
The US has been in the forefront in the promotion of democracy. However, concerning the case of turkey the US has been over the years even when Turkey has been abusing the democratic values that the US champions. For instance, the social outlook and the foreign policy course of the Welfare part, Erbakan government was disturbing. Surprisingly the US response to the military unlawful dismissal of legal government elected by the people was against the US standards. It was even alleged that the US supported the quasi-coup. Initially the US had also displayed double standards when turkey’s military in 1980 indicating the flagrant of the US foreign policy. Contrary in the case of Iran, the relationship with US has been a strained one. The US-Iranian contest in the Levant has been ongoing for over 30 years since the Islamic revolution in 1979, which saw the collapse of US-Iranian association (Barkey, 2012).
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