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European encounter with their colonial states changed the historical and political landscape of these economies transforming their societal laws, values, religion and culture. European quest for control was largely for territorial rule and economic gain. When Europe conquered…
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European colonialism
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European Colonialism European encounter with their colonial s changed the historical and political landscape of these economies transforming their societal laws, values, religion and culture. European quest for control was largely for territorial rule and economic gain. When Europe conquered America during the 1500, America was characterized by inferior economy with sparse population often associated with high mortality rate. Although the initial effects on colonial states were destructive, it led to improved economic and social conditions in the long run in terms of high population increase, introduction of foreign crops and materials and high per capita earning of these states while at the same time enriching Europe. (De Vries)
The creation of Atlantic system traces the European industrialization process within an expanding Atlantic trade. Europe driven by coercive slave trade policies, several driven by inland transportation difficulties in these pre-industrialized propelled the trade movement into the Atlantic. To a larger extent, slave trade deprived colonized states of human labor while exporting the same towards the development of industries in wool industry, agriculture, marine insurance, social structure among others, strengthening Europe’s position as a premier in international trade and controlling treaties. (Polanyi)
The dawn of 1880s saw a new interest among European nations to control as much world as possible having pioneered itself in the International trade. One major outcome was the ‘scramble for Africa’ which created conflicts among nations and individuals. While being motivated by economic rather than political interests, Europe advanced slave trade to demonstrate colonialism as a powerful tool for conquest and ‘desire’ to deliberate the world. In effect this led to massive resources transfer and acquisition for development of Europe while changing the existing cultural beliefs in colonized countries. (Curtin)
Studies by Bohannan & Curtin suggests that after years of European colonization, many African and Asian countries began gaining independence from Europe. Coinciding with the Cold War period, many of these colonized states either achieved decolonization peacefully or through revolutions. In essence, the process was influenced by super power competition. The result is that many countries become independent economically and socially with their own systems of governance while also directing European international relations with their former colonies.
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