France Debates Its Identity, but Some Ask Why - Essay Example

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Lebovics observes that this problem of identity emanates from conservative social science and manifests immense public debate and depression (True France 51). Issues of immigration, national identity and…
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France Debates Its Identity, but Some Ask Why
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France Debates Its Identity The debate about France identity has been in the limelight for many years. Lebovics observes that this problem of identity emanates from conservative social science and manifests immense public debate and depression (True France 51). Issues of immigration, national identity and the Islamic veil have been there as Mr. Sarkozy forwards them and as Lebovics continues to observe (True France 1). Additionally, concerns about a “globalized,” more racially and religiously diverse France has also been a factor to France identity as Lebovics further notes (Bringing the Empire back 58). Although Éric Besson’s ministry seems to connect with debate, he denies any connection between immigration and the debate. On the other hand, Jean-Luc Mélenchon writes that to be French is to have a French identity card and the rights that go with it. Additionally, French Muslims just like the Arabs react to the debate with resentment claiming discrimination to the French identity. More so, Yazid Sabeg, an Algerian-born businessman, says the French nation is more unified and that the organic sense of being French does exist. Additionally, Mr. Besson argues that Franco-French does not exist and that there is no race. He says that only a shared set of values that include liberty, equality, fraternity, and secularism exist in France (Erlanger Web).
There seems to be immense concern on the France identity as portrayed by various French leaders. As such, I think the debate about French identity is worth discussing. I feel that this debate will clearly define the France identity and remove the dark thoughts of discrimination on race and religion. I also feel that very few people in the world understand secularism in the French context.
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