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For the American Government Class - Assignment Example

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Describe the organizational structure of the federal bureaucracy.
In the federal bureaucracy, there is a bureaucracy branch that administers implements and regulates federal programs and is known as the executive branch, congress and courts have their own bureaucracies…
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Assignment for the American Government Class
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Extract of sample "For the American Government Class"

Download file to see previous pages Each member of congress has a member of staff who manages the office and in the drafting of legislature. Members of the congressional committee also have their own staff similar to the congressional budget office, office of technology assessment.
b. What are the differences between departments, agencies, and bureaus?
Departments are pieces of a business, that is, a business can be divided into several departments, to make it easier to manage, an agency part of a large bureau and a bureau is the highest in the chain of command.
c. How is the federal bureaucracy staffed, and how has this changed since the nineteenth century?
In the 19th century, the presidents could hire and fire staff of the federal bureaucracy as they saw fit, this created an office, which was filled with the president’s allies and friends, but no work was being done. Today the staffs do not have to be hired by the president only, but the senate must come in and approve of them, as well.

Question # 2
a. What did Justice Meyer mean by "ancient liberty?"
He means that it is necessary to consider ancient and active liberty this is the liberty to engage in active and constant involvement, in collective power, this is when considering the resolution of a case.
b. Discuss his three basic views, in detail, with regard to the constitution. Make sure to include and discuss the framework he writes that the constitution creates.
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