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United States has always be in support of Israeli since it was formed in 1948 and hence has been seen to always be siding with it and especially in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attack. American presidents have however tried to play a mediator’s role in the…
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US Role
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US Role Affiliation: What role does the United s play on the Arab/Israeli conflict?
United States has always be in support of Israeli since it was formed in 1948 and hence has been seen to always be siding with it and especially in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attack. American presidents have however tried to play a mediator’s role in the Arab/Israeli conflict but in vain. The conflict was as a result of Israeli taking land from several Arab countries in 1967 including the infamous Gaza strip that has been fought over by Hamas (Jhally and Ratzkoff 2004).
The mediation role between the Arab nations and the Israeli started in 1973 with the camp David peace agreement that the Israeli president then refused to sign despite efforts by US and UN. When that was rejected, other presidents tried using diplomacy to settle the conflict like presidents W. Bush’s administration in the 1990s during the gulf war. The diplomacy path has enabled the United States gain confidence of the Arab nations and this facilitated the second camp David peace agreement that was also rejected.
In the wake of September 11 terrorist attacks, the Bush administration started siding more with the Israeli because the Arab countries could not be trusted anymore. It also led to declaration of war on the terrorist groups which reside in the middle east and this put to an abrupt stop the peace talks and the mediation role of the United States. Even though this took place and is still taking place, the Obama administration has once again embarked on the peace talks for the sake of the energy products in the middle east. President Obama has constantly been advocating for peace in those Arab countries that are in conflict and once again has gained the trust of the Arab countries and the results of the peace talks are yet to be seen (Simon 2009).
Is the US government an honest mediator that can deliver peace or is part of the problem?
United States government has its reasons for seeking peace in the Arab countries. The Middle East is endowed with oil that is an essential commodity in the world and also has other minerals that are interest to the American government. The mediation by the US is a façade so that their reputation as the superpowers and being more in control of the world than the Soviet Union is not questioned or even threatened (Mahler and Mahler 2010).
In reality, war in the Arab countries benefits the United States by them pretending to side with no one and hence gaining the support of all the fighting parties and thus continuing to gain the oil and minerals without struggle. If the conflict between the Arab and Israeli ends without the face and hands of US being seen in the peace talks and negotiations, then it will seem like if has been stripped off its superpower coat.
The hidden agenda by the US government’s many presidents since 1973 is what keeps US glued to the middle east affairs without them suspecting its ulterior motive. Though it has been accused of siding with Israeli, it has tries to maintain a diplomatic front of being non-partisan by involving the Palestinians and the Pakistanis not to forget Syria and Egypt into the peace talks with Israeli. This has yet to bear fruits.
The peace talks and the mediation role is just a façade by the US and hence no peace can be reached if this façade is not removed and conflict management strategies drafted that can finally settle the conflict once and for all.
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