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Historical Presidents - Research Paper Example

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As the commander-in-chief of the Navy and the Army, Lincoln passed this Proclamation as a war measure that he deemed a necessity. The emancipation had some effects…
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Historical Presidents
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Extract of sample "Historical Presidents"

Historical Presidents Lincoln and the Emancipation of slaves President Lincoln made notable achievements with his Emancipation Proclamation, which he issued on January 1, 1863. As the commander-in-chief of the Navy and the Army, Lincoln passed this Proclamation as a war measure that he deemed a necessity. The emancipation had some effects on slavery in the United States (Guelzo 3). First, it led to the disruption of the agricultural economies of the Confederate States; this enabled slaves to flee the plantations. Moreover, it contributed to the collapse of the Confederate States. Lincoln declared that all slaves living in the territory were free; as a result, the slaves rebelled against the federal government. The Emancipation Proclamation played a central role as it freed several slaves (Guelzo 4).
Abraham Lincoln’s personality, leadership skills, communication skills and the time he governed played a central role to his success. First, he was a leader with charisma and unique storytelling ability. He could initiate conversations whenever he saw a group of people gathered. Moreover, he was a hardworking leader who made sure that he strived to succeed in everything and anything he did. His determination enabled him to pass the Emancipation Proclamation that saw an end to slavery in some states. In addition, he can be regarded as an empowering and persuasive leader; this enabled him to address public gatherings. The time he governed enabled him to made remarkable accomplishments. He became an American President at the height of abolitionist movements that aimed at ending slavery (Guelzo 5).
Roosevelt and the New Deal
During his tenure, Roosevelt persuaded Congress to pass the Economy Act, which reduced government spending by 25% and cut the pay of the army and government employees by 15%. The New Deal saw the passing of the Beer Act on 20 March 1933; this did away with prohibition. The beer raised government revenue; this revenue financed government projects. Other accomplishments of the New Deal include the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, National Industrial Recovery Act, Agricultural Adjustment Act, and National Labour Relations Act of 1935 (Haugen 69). By 1939, the New Deal had made remarkable accomplishments; it improved peoples lives, especially those who had suffered from the great depression. The New Deal also set the pace for the federal government to engage in social and economic affairs of the nation.
Roosevelt can be regarded as a dynamic leader whose personality was notably amicable. Besides, he can be regarded as a leader who was engaging; this personality trait played a central role in enhancing his popularity. He became a symbol of national recognition with his friendly character. Coupled with his outstanding leadership skills, the personality of Roosevelt helped him make remarkable achievements during his tenure. He was an explorative and courageous leader who always welcomed change in all aspects of the American economy. Moreover, his leadership skills entailed the use of democracy as he followed the majority. He engaged all departments in open communication, and this enabled him to know the problems that the nation faced (Haugen 70).
Clinton and his welfare Reform
President Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act on August 22, 1996. He mainly aimed at ending welfare in order to make remarkable transformations in America’s broken welfare system. The primary features of the welfare system included giving incentives and increasing indirect forms of income. Moreover, the welfare reform aimed at stressing job creation and penalizing poor families who depended on welfare for having many more children (Conley 69).
The welfare reform made significant contributions; it helped in balancing the federal budget. It also led to a decline in the levels of poverty since the number of families depending on welfare fell by half. It created jobs for mothers who previously depended on welfare. Because of the Welfare reform, many people realized that welfare could not be taken for granted. As a result, they aimed at securing decent jobs. Thus, the welfare reform can be regarded as one of the significant accomplishments of the Clinton era (Conley 70).
Clinton’s personality can be regarded as that of an ambitious, charming, and self-confident person. These unique qualities contributed immensely to his success during the two terms he served as the United States President. His leadership skills can be regarded as having been charismatic. This enabled him to convince the United States citizens to embrace the changes he proposed. He paid much attention to public demands whenever he addressed the public. His style of communication enabled the involvement of all people in the welfare reform. The time he governed contributed to his success since he was the President at a time when the United States needed changes in the Welfare system (Conley 72).
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Historical Presidents Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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