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Many developed countries have contributed significantly to the lack of development in the African continent. This is by turning a deaf ear on dictatorship, poverty, civil wars, ignorance, testing nuclear weapons, disease,…
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POL 102: Policy Paper Africa as a country has been sidelined for many years. Many developed countries have contributed significantly to the lack of development in the African continent. This is by turning a deaf ear on dictatorship, poverty, civil wars, ignorance, testing nuclear weapons, disease, and engaging Africa in talks only when they stand to benefit (Bender 1-5). This paper will select a national policy and review what the government has done about the policy. It will also look at some opinions on what the government can do about the policy selected in the interest of all concerned parties (Bender 17).
The policy on Africa and all African related matters is a policy that has been indoctrinated in the modus operandi of many developed nations. This is because Africa is a strategically significant country to the western world. The well-endowed governments all over the world having realized this and have been actively engaged in Africa’s affairs (Bender 15). This includes the social, political, economic and to some extent the cultural affairs. Many African countries have been assisted by the developed nations to revive their leadership, boost their economies, and solve internal wrangles. This policy was created with honorable intentions. However, its misuse is particularly evident in many African states all over the world. The policy has been manipulated to act as a bargaining chip for the western nations (Bender 47).
It is necessary for the government to intervene in African states without expecting them to give something back. This aid has plunged many African countries into more darkness. The policy should be used to assist the African continent and the many problems it encounters. It should not be used as a bargaining block. Many historical injustices in Africa would have been avoided had the national policy on African related matters been applied to those countries. It is likely that the government is bound to accept the strengthening of this policy. This is because nations are demanding accountability and transparency from the government when exercising the policy in African states (Bender 51).

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Bender, G. J., Coleman, J. S., and Sklar, R. L. African Crisis and the US Foreign Policy. California: University of California Press, 2008. Web. Read More
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POL 102 POLICY PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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