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About the book Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight:An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller - Essay Example

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Dont Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller is a book that talks of the struggles that women through in forms of injustice displayed in their societies as they move towards the search of gender equality and personal justice and treatment of women…
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Essay about the book Dont Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight:An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller
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"About the book Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight:An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller"

Download file to see previous pages This is also seen in Linda Kerber’s book where she looks at the experiences that women had in traditional America.
In the book, Fuller recounts the experiences she faced as a child in the African continent. She grew up in several places located in central and southern Africa where there were constant civil wars. She lived without her father for a large part of her life. This is because her father had joined the white government, as a fighter in the Rhodesian civil war. He was away for long periods fighting against the black guerilla groups that were powerful. On the other hand, her mother worked as a farm worker from which she found the means of providing for the needs of her children. Fuller’s mother played a significant role in her life because she taught her to be self-sufficient, resilient and have a strong standpoint with respect to her opinions and will, irrespective of the difficulties of life (Fuller 20).
The first way in which women found power towards their personal justice and equality was through education. When women in Rhodesia started attending classes, they became enlightened in the sense that it is through education that they could rise up from their roles as housewives and plantation workers to occupy important positions in the society. This applies especially to black women. This is because before independence white children were the only ones who were permitted to go to school. However, immediately after independence, the schools that were filled with whites were opened up for black children. In fact, it was strange for Fuller to find herself in the midst of black children in class (Fuller 32).
The other way used by women to get power is through self defense and resilience. This is clearly seen through Fuller’s mother. Her husband is not always at home because he must perform his duties as a soldier of the white government. This means that Fuller’s mother must find a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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