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Jewish people’s names were replaced with numbers. Another potential example of dehumanization is that the infants of Jews were thrown…
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Dehumanization by tge nazis
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Dehumanization by the Nazis In Elie Wiesel’s Night, there are numerous examples of the dehumanization by which Nazis reduced the Jews to little more than “things”. Jewish people’s names were replaced with numbers. Another potential example of dehumanization is that the infants of Jews were thrown into fire by the Nazis. The rules enforced by Nazis upon the Jews both before their entry into the ghettos and also after that were very dehumanizing. The time of Hitler’s rule was very challenging for the Jews of Germany both physically and emotionally. In 1933, right from the moment of Nazis’ rise to power, they made a whole range of discriminatory laws to restrict the Jews of Germany. More than 400 different regulations were made during the 12 years of the rule of Hitler which placed restrictions upon everything Jews did that ranged from playing the orchestra to keeping a pet (The History Place, 2001). The laws made with the intent of protecting the German Blood were particularly demeaning for the Jews. These laws prohibited Jews from marrying any of the German citizens. The laws also prohibited sexual relations between the German citizens and Jews outside marriage. Jews were not allowed to wear or display colors of the German flag in any way. Jews that punished any of such laws met with a range of punishments including imprisonment, hard labor and fine. In addition to these laws, the Nazis also insulted the Jews and caused them physical and emotional harm in several ways. For example, Nazis entered the Jews’ camps and killed them recklessly.
The History Place. (2001). The Nuremberg Laws. Retrieved from Read More
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