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Read two essays, and which historian (Dan Carter or Bruce Schulman) does the best job of describing the origins of the New Right Why - Assignment Example

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Evidently, a work has to be efficiently paired with its appropriate format. The works for comparison, Dan T. Carter’s “The…
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Read two essays, and which historian (Dan Carter or Bruce Schulman) does the best job of describing the origins of the New Right Why
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"Read two essays, and which historian (Dan Carter or Bruce Schulman) does the best job of describing the origins of the New Right Why"

Download file to see previous pages Carter’s approach of depicting the origins of the New Right is from an event’s (politician’s race) perspective. However, his work neglected to explore the holistic nature of the New Right phenomenon and presented a one-sided argument -- that political movement alone spurred its resurgence. Carter’s work focused on Wallace’s contribution: “his attacks on the federal government have become the gospel of modern conservatism; his angry rhetoric, the foundation for the new ground rules of political warfare” (Hoffman, Blum, and Gjerde 485). According to his work, the resurgence of New Right started with “George Wallace’s racist populism, sharpened with Nixon and Agnew’s ‘law and order’ demagogy and triumphant with Reagan’s ‘tough on crime’ policies” (Lyons 28).
Schulman’s work capitalized in his clear demographic story of the economic shifting towards the Sunbelt (a rightist territory) and establishment of supporting arguments about the strengthening of New Right. His arguments include the 1) stating of economic developments; 2) fostering of a less federal government; 3) posing the effects of the failure of North and Eastern unions like, they “had risen with the great industrial revolution in the heartland, and they were falling with it too” (Hoffman, Blum, and Gjerde 488); and emphasizing, not just political developments but socio-cultural developments. Schulman’s format worked well in presenting the emergence of New Right as a participating event in the “reconfiguration of twentieth-century American politics” (McGirr 273).
Much of New Right activities took center stage in politics, yet its big picture lies in the industrial and commercial movements of the economy, and socio-cultural flow within the civilian spheres. Thus, it is appropriate to include not just a single perspective in presenting the New Right’s origins. Bruce Schulman’s work took heed of this topic’s nature and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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