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This essay "The Battle of King’s Mountain" discusses the Battle that was one of the revolutionary wars carried out in the history of America. The Battle happened between the loyalist American revolutionaries and the patriot American revolutionaries on 7 October 1780 in South Carolina, USA. …
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The Battle of Kings Mountain
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After overpowering the revolutionary army and Major General Gates on September 1780 at Camden, Major General Lord Cornwallis proceeded towards north to invade Virginia and North Carolina. An outpost towards the British army’s West was occupied by Major Ferguson. The Tories succeeded in plundering the Whigs. Ferguson was known for his ferocity against the mutineers. The Whigs gathered in the West of Virginia and Carolina. For support, Ferguson sent on to Cornwallis. The Whigs attacked Ferguson and his army on 7 October 1780 on the King’s Mountain and won the Battle within an hour (Hammett). 
In the Battle of King’s Mountain, 300 Tories were killed and wounded and another 700 were imprisoned by the Whigs. 90 Whigs were killed in the Battle. The success of the Whigs caused Cornwallis to abandon the intention of invading North Carolina. The Battle of King’s Mountain was fought between Americans except for only one British man that was Major Ferguson. Read More
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(The Battle of Kings Mountain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
The Battle of Kings Mountain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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