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In United States of America, Progressive Era refers to a period which flourished between 1890s and 1920s (Maureen 8).The main purpose of this movement was to purify the government through elimination of corruption via exposure of bosses and political machines. During this era,…
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Progressive Era
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Political gains and social gains during progressive era in United s of America Introduction In United States of America, Progressive Era refers to a period which flourished between 1890s and 1920s (Maureen 8).The main purpose of this movement was to purify the government through elimination of corruption via exposure of bosses and political machines. During this era, several political gains and social gains were achieved as discussed in essence by this paper.
Political gains
To begin on political gains, the power of local bosses who were in saloons was destroyed by many progressives through support of prohibition. Reformations on local government were other political gains during this period. Progressive reforms in states like Wisconsin, Washington and Idaho were becoming the order of the day from 1911 and some of these reforms are still used in nearly half of states in United States of America.
Democracy was realized during the era since citizenry was given the mandate to circumvent political bosses and to rule directly. Ballot measure and referendums were also introduced to enable citizens take part in amendments of constitution as it is seen in 1902 by Oregon State and other states (Maureen 13). In 1908, voters were enabled to recall elected officials through state level establishment.
Corruption was fully exposed at both the state and local level during the period through the journalists; muckrakers. National medium magazines were handy in exposure of corruption through the media just as journalists today use newspapers, magazines and novels to expose corruption in the world (Alan 25). Journalists could even be nicknamed for inadequate exposure of corruption thus given them a challenge in exposing corruption. This shows the seriousness at which corruption was avoided.
Social gains
Promotion of women’s suffrage was evidently seen in attempt to create pure female votes in the arena. During the period, reformation on social institutions such as churches and schools were carried out. For instance, ‘scientific’ sciences such as political science, economics and history were transformed in to social sciences.
Modernization was fully embraced during the period since education, technology, expertise and science were given an upper hand (Alan 27). This led to great improvement in the society of upper industrial. It was also believed that human beings were able to change life’s condition and to improve the environment; human beings were able to intervene in social affairs. This led to roads and railways being reformed to aid efficiency in movement of people, goods and services from one location to the other.
The family was regarded as foundation of the society of America. Efforts were put by municipal government to ensure that the families were intact. Families were accorded more leisure time in terms of working hours. Good citizenship and morals were considered through construction of many parks for families’ leisure. Children were taken care of from watching movies with the content of sexual intercourse, violence and crime through censorship of motion pictures.
Safety of food was also taken care of; water and pure milk supplies were given emphasis. Drugs and foods which were not scientifically tested were put out of the market through the services of Pure Food and Drug Act (Maureen 18).
Having read this paper, it is evidently seen that Progressive Era is a period worth remembrance by all historians. This era led to social benefits and political benefits which are still adhered to up to now. Such political gains include exposure of corruption, democracy and political reformations among others. On the other hand, social gains include, promotion of women suffrage and social institutions, taking care of families, modernization and safety of food among others. Both the political and social gains which came as a result of Progressive Era are still seen today in our societies.
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