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This paper will discuss the Electoral College of the US by focusing on reasons for the establishment and its main functions in the economy of the US.  The Electoral College refers to an independent electioneering body of the United States mandated by the Constitution…
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What is the Electoral College
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What is Electoral College?
Every nation experiences range of complains of dissatisfaction with the election processes usually emanating from the key contenders of specific positions in the national public arena. Most of complaints involve corruption allegations and possibility of rigging that has disposed certain countries into situation of political turmoil and unrest. Going by the unpleasant results of elections, many countries have established special and independent bodies to coordinate the election processes. In that line, this paper will discuss the Electoral College of the US by focusing on reasons for establishment and its main functions in the economy of the US.
What is Electoral College?
The Electoral College refers to an independent electioneering body of the United States mandated by the Constitution to propose and elect districts’ representatives, states’ governors and the President and vice president of the United States of America. The Electoral College comprise of 538 electors selected from all over the states of the US. The number of electors in each state always coincides with the number of the district representatives and the two senators usually representing a state. The Electoral College was established with the sole aim of neutralizing the conflicts of interest among various states fighting to forward their particular candidate for the presidential position. The Electoral College was also established to facilitate election of preferred candidates at each state level in order to avert .cases of corruption, bribery, and foreign influence.
The Electoral College was also set to address issues of imbalance between the legislative and executive federal branches of federal governments by prohibiting Congress and employees of federal government from voting (Kimberling, 1992). Furthermore, the Electoral College was designated to prevent citizens from electing sons of their regions by commissioning voting for two presidential candidates one of whom is from another state.
It is worth acknowledging the significant roles played by the Electoral Colleges in the election ‘system of the US since its formation. One of the significant roles played by the Electoral College involves contribution to the reconciliation and cohesiveness the by advocating and backing for a popularly elected candidate (Kimberling, 1992). In addition, the Electoral College has achieved the function of enhancing the interest of the minority electors. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the Electoral College has worked towards unification and support of democracy in the country by encouraging competition between two party systems. Kimberling (1992) adds that the Electoral College has ensured a maintained existence and performance of the federal government.
Electoral Colleges are never appropriate for federal or states’ elections due to the possibility of electing a minority president. Kimberling (1992) confirms that the Electoral College is also exposed to the act of depressing the turnout of voters. In addition, Electoral College has got high possibility of failing to present the correct vote results that reflect the will of the general voters. Furthermore, the Electoral College system of voting could hatch particular electors who are not fully loyal to their particular parties but casts votes to the other opponent party (Kimberling, 1992).
The mandates extended to the Electoral College lead to great compromise over the efficiency of the independent body. Even if the Electoral College is independent, it still stands a great ground for manipulation by certain influential contenders in various positions of the federal leadership. It is worth mentioning that going the sensitive roles played by the Electoral College; it is likely to turn into field of great corruption. The system should be abolished and other viable election systems be formulated and adopted to raise the level of transparency in the election system of the US.
The operations of the Electoral Colleges of the US are as well affected by environmental factors that include the Proportional Representation Election functions. The principles of the Proportional Representation bind the Electoral College to ensure that all regions are equal represented in the national political field (Amy, 2005). The principle of the Proportional Representation insists that it is the role of the Electoral College to ensure that every individual is fairly represented in the House of Representatives. The characteristics of the Proportional Representation involve the election of many district contenders who may reach a maximum of ten contenders (Amy, 2005).
The Single member plurality election is a viable system used to elect members of the House of Representatives and state and local legislatures in US. Under the single member plurality, areas are segregated into geographically voting districts represented single elected official (McGann, 2006). Single member plurality may involve weakening destruction of efforts of the enemy by the existing office holder. Stiff competition under the single member plurality may result into massive split of votes across the district and result to the triumph of a least preferred electorate.
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