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Security of the United States is the work of the government, and the measures it takes to curb terrorism and other forms of insecurity are closely looked at before they are made public. This implies that the life of one person is not as important as that of all citizens, and…
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Obamas position
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Task Obamas Position Security of the United s is the work of the government, and the measures it takes to curb terrorism and other forms of insecurity are closely looked at before they are made public. This implies that the life of one person is not as important as that of all citizens, and ordering that person causing a security threat to be killed goes a long way in strengthening the security of the whole country. Secondly, the president should have authority to order killing of a United States citizen or any other person who poses a security threat because it is only his orders that cannot be revoked in urgent matters. Thirdly, a nation’s secrets are vital since they will play a fundamental role in shaping the efficacy of security controls and measures set by the government. If the secrets are given to the public, it implies that the terrorists will be aware that their links are being monitored, and this may undermine security. Therefore, the president’s position to order killing of someone who is a threat to security without disclosing the reason is good because it will tighten the security measures by preserving the nation’s secrets of the nation.
However, there are arguments against this stand first because human rights ought to be emphasized and no one should have the sole right of determining another person’s destiny. Secondly, the United States constitution provides for fair trial of any person accused of crime and imposing death implicitly is going against the constitution. Thirdly, the President ordering the killing of a United States citizen or any other person could have political reasons, and this means that it would not be fair if the suspected person were not tried in the courts to determine the viability of the claims placed against them.
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Obama'S Position Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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