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In order to make a comparative study and detailed analysis of the chaotic Mesopotamia with the calm nature of Egypt, it is first essential to locate the areas of both the ancient civilisations. Ancient Mesopotamian civilisation refers to the area within the Tigris-Euphrates…
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History Midterm
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History Mid-Term In order to make a comparative study and detailed analysis of the chaotic Mesopotamia with the calm nature of Egypt, it is first essential to locate the areas of both the ancient civilisations. Ancient Mesopotamian civilisation refers to the area within the Tigris-Euphrates river system and its basin. It is actually referred to the modern Iraq, north-eastern part of Syria, south-eastern part of Turkey and south-western part of Iran. On the other hand, ancient Egypt refers to the present day areas located at the north-eastern part of Africa and mostly concentrated in the lower reaches of the Nile River.
A detailed introspection into the history of both the ancient civilisations would culminate into the fact that both the civilisations developed in the basin of the great rivers which not only provided a life – line to the population but also provided most favourable conditions for the development of civilisation and human settlement. Yet there is a vast difference in the nature and development of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilisations. Mesopotamian civilisation gradually became the rink for the Romans and the Parthians. The part of Mesopotamia concentrated on the Assyrian region was gradually taken in control by the Romans for a time being and gradually it fell into the hands of the Sassanid Persians and remained so till 7th century. Between 1st century BC and 3rd century AD, many neo-Assyrian and Christian native Mesopotamian states existed. Whereas, the Egyptian civilisation had a peaceful rule till it was conquered by foreign powers in the later period. It reached the omnipotent regime of power during the Rammesside period. The success of the Egyptian civilisation can be found in its extreme adaptability with the changing conditions of the Nile River Valley. The flooding was predictable and the over-fertile Nile basin produced surplus crops which initiated the development of the Egyptians socially as well as culturally.
If I would have been a peasant in the 2nd Millennium BC, then I would have definitely chosen Egypt for the place of settlement because during that time Egypt was the only civilisation which had a very peaceful and calm geographic and social environment which accelerated its development and prosperity. In Egypt, there was a huge prospect for the farmers. Irrigation facility was evident and the floods were predictable. The soil was extremely fertile and it provided the best opportunities to grow more and good crops. In Mesopotamia, the conditions for the cultivation were favourable. It was situated at the basin of the river Tigris-Euphrates system and had fertile soils as well. But politically the region was continuously disturbed and was eclipsed by great wars at short interval which provided a great hindrance in generation of any economic activities. In this regard, cultivation or agricultural works were not exceptions as well. In China, during 2nd Millennium, which is considered as the later bronze period in the history and initiates from the middle bronze period, was not guided by proper scientific inventions. Irrigation was not so strong in China if it is compared with that of Egypt and therefore the flooding of Hwang Ho disturbed the agricultural life tremendously washing off great pastures and cities. Flooding in the Hwang Ho River was also not predictable. Therefore for agricultural prosperity, the area of ancient Egypt was most favourable.
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