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Its origin was Italy but after the fall of Rome there was rebirth in a second sense in terms of classical learning and rediscovery. This took place in Greece and ancient…
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What were the chief charactistics of the Renaissance Consider artistic, intellectual and civic innovations
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Chief Characteristics of the Renaissance Definition   The word Renaissance is derived from the French language andmeans rebirth when translated literally. Its origin was Italy but after the fall of Rome there was rebirth in a second sense in terms of classical learning and rediscovery. This took place in Greece and ancient Rome. It involved discoveries, both geographical and intellectual. There was a renewal of interest in classical antiquity and a lot of studies were conducted on it.rom the ancient and medieval eras.
During the renaissance new techniques in painting, sculpture and architecture were developed. Art styles such as naturalism was developed by the Greeks which involved painting the human body in the nude. Oil paint was invented. Other artists such as Donatello worked using marble and bronze. Ceramic clay was also used.
Artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, and da Vinci emerged in the late 1400’s and early 1500’s. One of the famous paintings of the time was the Mona Lisa. Northern Renaissance painters such as Jan Van Eyck also emerged. Eyck invented the oil glazing technique. This technique replaced the egg-tempera which was used earlier.
Intellectual Innovations
Innovations were also made in the field of science. Nicolas Copernicus made an attempt to prove that the sun was at the center of the solar system and not the earth. It was this theory by Copernicus that led to other discoveries such as those of Galileo, Kepler and Newton. This was the most important discovery made during the Renaissance.
Humanism can be defined as the general idea that man is uniquely different from other types of beings and as such can develop his own culture. It involved the urge to know more about the heritages of Rome and Greece. People were of the belief that a lot could be learnt from the past. One of the most renowned humanists was Niccolo Machiavelli who brought about new ideas of conducting politics. Humanism advocated for a change in how things were done. It encouraged a shift from a contemplative way of life to an active life.
In general, the renaissance period brought about a new age and a new way of conducting activities. It was the birth of a new school of thought and a new breed of artists, philosophers and scientists. It brought about the momentum that spurred further revolutions.

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