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The call was hesitantly made as it was a contradiction to his former position. Nevertheless, the call for war was made. The results of the vote show that the belief…
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Wilson War Message
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Wilson’s Call for Declaration of War Woodrow Wilson made an address to congress during his time in office in which he called for a declaration of war. The call was hesitantly made as it was a contradiction to his former position. Nevertheless, the call for war was made. The results of the vote show that the belief of the necessity of entering int6o a war at that time was a commonly held viewpoint, with a result of 82-6 by the Senate and 373-50 by the House. The war was to take place against Germany who had implemented a change in their policy. They had begun destroying all vessels that appeared near the ports of Great Britain and Ireland. These vessels were comprised not only their enemies, but of peaceful ships on innocent business. Germany became responsible for the destruction of many innocent men, women, and children. Their activities were deemed inhumane and in need of correction.
Wilson thoroughly described Germany’s awful behavior as he presented the case against them before Congress. In expression of his feelings regarding the situation Wilson stated, “I was for a little while unable to believe that such things would in fact be done by any government that had hitherto subscribed to the humane practices of civilized nations” (Wilson). In describing the actions of Germany, he told how the vessels were destroyed without any warning to the passengers. They were not given the chance to escape. They were not afforded the opportunity to change their course and save their lives but were immediately struck down. However, Germany had previously promised that they would not sink any passenger boats and that all other vessels would be given fair warning; a promise that they clearly did not keep.
In framing the US’s involvement in the conflict, Wilson informed Congress that some of the vessels that had been sunk were American. He explained that the vessels of both neutral and friendly nations were being attacked insomuch that the conflict had become an issue of every nation. Basically, by sinking American ships Germany was responsible for causing America to get involved. Although Wilson had not wanted to make a declaration of war, the actions of Germany had brought America to the point where they had no choice but to do so. America would now have to fight, not only for the protection of their vessels, but, as Wilson put it, “the vindication of human rights” (Wilson). Germany’s actions could not be ignored. If they had been, then the destruction of innocent lives would continue, Germany might have advanced in their shameful actions by implementing even more inhumane campaigns and other countries might have generated the belief that they can violate the human rights of people on an international level.
Woodrow Wilson made a very impressive speech that served to call forth the implementation of actions to correct a very dire situation. Germany was not showing any mercy and had to be stopped. This was a situation that concerned all nations America could not help but to get involved.
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