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This impact of this scandal can still be seen because people now days hardly trust the politicians. Voting for such a politician and president like Nixon would be entirely wrong. A person who could…
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Watergate discussion
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Running Head: Watergate Insert His/her Watergate Discussion The Watergate scandal indeed broke the trust of public in government officials. This impact of this scandal can still be seen because people now days hardly trust the politicians. Voting for such a politician and president like Nixon would be entirely wrong. A person who could be so mean and selfish, just for his personal benefit and satisfaction of his worldly needs broke the trust of thousands of individual so if was a voter at that time I would have never ever voted for such a liar who betrayed the people’s interest. On the other hand it I would take this whole situation as governments power being inefficient and corrupt which was not aware of such a big robbery. That is why such incidents occur because the government officials themselves are involved in such a criminal act. Due to this the later presidents such as Clinton and Obama and all the other politicians are being thoroughly investigated in order to avoid any such incidents. There are some people who don’t even bother to vote. This is so because they have seen that most of the presidents just speak and do nothing in favor of the people’s interest. But this doesn’t mean that all the government officials are like this. If I was a voter at that I wouldn’t have voted for a person like him not because I am a non voter but because its really hard to trust a person who committed a serious crime and afterward tried to hide his wrong doing by blaming the other parties. Nixon just to make his political enemy the Democratic Party weak committed such a crime. The opinions of the majority of people would have been similar because no one knows that such incidents will take place or not in the near future so they find it better not to vote for any of the candidates.
The impact of the Watergate scandal on the later politicians made them realize the power of the media. They also understood that no matter how much power a Presidents possesses no one is above the constitutional law of equality and in the end Nixon got the result of his criminal act. The politicians then were of the view that it’s better to be clear and truthful to the public regarding all the matters. Now the politicians had a clear-cut view that no person is above the law not even the president himself. During this scandal many lawyers were involved in it so the American Bar Association decided that the lawyers should take a course in professional responsibility which is still exists till date. More over it led to the first amendment of protection of freedom of the press.

eNotes. (2009). What was the impact of the Watergate scandal on American politics?. Retrieved from. Read More
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