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This paper named "The 20th Century" aims to give a brief review of the century. The writer gives the main information on the most important events that took place during the century…
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The 20th Century
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The 20th Century In APA Format Several significant changes took place in the 1900s, America shot to fame for all the rights reasons. The world acknowledged the country as a super power, immigration and poverty escalated in the 1900s. 1912 was the year when the Titanic sank and over 1500 people died.
1914-1918 was the period of annihilation, the First World War was fought between these four years and a lot of soldiers were killed.
Dow Jones the stock exchange of the US touched 100 points for the very first time in the 1920s. Crime rate reached an unprecedented level in the 1920s, many reports of murders, swindling and so on were reported.
In 1900 there were no proper schools for children, the concept of kindergarten was quite old in the 1900s but only a limited children attended school and only the basics were taught to them. In 1911 there were several attempts that were made to educate factory workers but all such attempts failed miserably.
1920 to 1939 was the period when schoolhouse received a lot of attention; according to Tyack and Cuban (1995) “the schoolhouse was to America in the 1920s what the cathedral was to the middle Ages. Twenty percent of 5-year-olds were enrolled in kindergarten (p. 66).”
1940-1959 great changes were made in the field of education, proper classrooms replaced schoolhouses. Further development took place during 1960-1979 and incredible progress in the field of education was made during 1980-1999. These days teachers sitting in a different corner of the world can teach students using Skype and other effective software, this goes to show that we have come a long way and further progress in the field of education looks imminent.
Tyack, D., & Cuban, L. (1995). Tinkering toward utopia: A century of public school reform. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Read More
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