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Remini, in his book titled “A Short History of the United States” deliberates on the changes that US faced after discovery. The original United States held natives living well below the lines of literacy and sophistication. The natives were naïve and innocent…
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Did the US really change in the first two chapters
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Teacher History and Political Sciences 29th September Did the US really change? Robert V. Remini, in his book d “A Short History of the United States” deliberates on the changes that US faced after discovery. The original United States held natives living well below the lines of literacy and sophistication. The natives were naïve and innocent. Nakedness was their casual outfits and they relied on agriculture including corn, wheat and vegetables. They readily taught their enemies about the basic survival including farming and fishing (Remini 14). They were highly unskilled in combat, dependant on arms carved from wood, hence unable to fight the colonial powers.
However, after the migrations started, the natives absorbed several things from these newcomers. Later, the US developed an educated culture, with several notable writings penned during the times including motivational and factual accounts of the famous writer John Adams (Remini 35). Their culture was heavily influenced by the immigrants who brought sophistication and mannerisms. Also, they learnt the art of combat and also gained weaponry from the colonial powers. Therefore they were able to build their military when the need arose during the eighteenth century (Remini 42-62).
The migrations changed the US heavily. They learned the art of debating and government. They elaborated the expressions of liberty and freedom. Moreover, the biggest change was the occurrence of the American Revolution during the time, which not only upturned the colonial powers, but also gained the Americans their due freedom. Those who had not been able to identify their enemies earlier were then able to eliminate them from their lands. The US economy dependence also changed from agriculture to trade and other industrial developments like ship building etc. Indeed, the US changed a lot during the early migrations till the declaration of US Independence.
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Remini, Robert V. “Independence and Nation Building”. A Short History of the United States (2009) 31-62. Print. Read More
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