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Many of these immigrants tend to settle for the citizenship of the land of opportunity. It is here that the role of tests comes underway as these…
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Citizenship and Naturalization
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Citizenship and Naturalization Over the years it has been seen that the United s of America has been bombarded with illegal and legal immigrants both. Many of these immigrants tend to settle for the citizenship of the land of opportunity. It is here that the role of tests comes underway as these immigrants have to undergo a test so that they can attain the citizenship of the country. This test comprises a set of questions which target the roots of the American Identity including the basic questions revolving around the government of the State. It is here that a controversy begins as the natives of United States do not have to undergo the test. A policy is being proposed by many that such a test should also be designed for these American people too as they should also know enough about the roots to which they belong.
In my opinion such a policy is best suited for the people of America so that they are forced to know about their nation. Andrew Romano in the Newsweek Magazine provided details about the citizenship test which was attempted by the citizens of America. He briefs that 38% of the citizens failed the test and 29% of these citizens did not even know the name of the vice president. This clearly shows that the citizens of America have been quite ignorant because of no restrictions imposed upon them. Romano further compared the results with the people of Europe and found that they knew much more than the Americans did. A great percentage of the European knew about Taliban whereas a lesser percentage of the Americans knew about Taliban even though United States has been actively involved in the charge against them. The problem cannot be rooted out if the citizens do not realize the problem at the first instance. These citizens would only realize the gravity of the problem if they are posed with restrictions (Romano 2011).
An implementation of the Naturalization Test would help these citizens to know more about their nations so that they can work as a whole. Jack Cafferty from CNN further highlighted these problems in the citizens of America. He puts forward that eligible voters do not even know about the roots of America and they end up voting the wrong person in the Congress. A naturalization test would urge these citizens to know more about their nation so that they can vote the right person for the right seat. An American citizen and an immigrant should not have much of a difference when these tests are being conducted because altogether both of these classes will turn out to be the voters for the United Nations (Cafferty 2011).
In conclusion it can be argued that the legality of naturalization test is the right way through which these citizens can learn more about their nation. Not having such a test in the nation leads to many problems such as the wrongful voting of non deserving individuals to the higher seats.
Should basic citizenship test be part of voter registration? Jack Cafferty. CNN News 2011. How Dumb Are We? Andrew Romano. Newsweek Magazine. 2011. Read More
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Citizenship and Naturalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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