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It was believed that the term was first coined by Father Joseph Wresinski, the founder of ATD Fourth World, an anti-poverty organization that finds solution to eradicate extreme poverty. He then defined poverty as…
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Extreme poverty
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Extreme Poverty Billions of people all over the world live in extreme poverty. It was believed that the term was first coined by Father Joseph Wresinski, the founder of ATD Fourth World, an anti-poverty organization that finds solution to eradicate extreme poverty. He then defined poverty as the “the lack of basic security connotes the absence of one or more factors enabling individuals and families to assume basic responsibilities and to enjoy fundamental rights. The situation may become widespread and result in more serious and permanent consequences. The lack of basic security leads to chronic poverty when it simultaneously affects several aspects of people’s lives, when it is prolonged and when it severely compromises people’s chances of regaining their rights and of reassuming their responsibilities in the foreseeable future.”
In 2005, the World Bank also defined extreme poverty as living on less than or as having to survive on US$ 1.25 per day. But at present, the amount was adjusted to US$ 1.50 due to account inflation. This meant meeting all the basic necessities in life with the equivalent of that amount a day in order to survive. The $1.50 a day is all they have to spend on all their living costs. Therefore, their prime concern is their day-to-day survival. The tendency was they set aside their other needs such as education which can be an important remedy to pull themselves out of poverty.
People living in extreme poverty are more vulnerable to malnutrition and hunger, inadequate access to basic services such as health, sanitation, education, etc, and are more likely to acquire different diseases because of weak immune system depressed by malnutrition.
According to Asian Development Bank can be altered by injecting strategies such as:
Social Development (human capital development, population policy, social capital development, gender equality, social protection);
Good Governance (government accountability, public participation, predictable legal framework, transparency, anticorruption initiatives); and
Pro-poor Growth (labor-intensive employment and income creation, public/private sector provision of basic services, poor area public investment. regional and sub regional cooperation, environmental sustainability)
Henderson, C. (2002) Notes on Poverty in the Philippines, 2002 Edition. Article available at, rush, kahit ano na lang matapos mo, 1 page lang: History and Political Science
Topic: Extreme poverty
pasingit, rush, kahit ano na lang matapos mo, 1 page lang: History and Political Science
Topic: Extreme poverty
Jones, Gareth Stedman (2004) An End to Poverty? Profile Books LTD ISBN 1-86197-729-8 Read More
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