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It is due to the fact that it works mostly in direct and indirect forms which results in the wastage of talent and potential by developing bitter…
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Does affirmative action advance racial equality
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Does Affirmative Action Advance Racial Equality? The aspect of racial inequality is considered as a big contributor towards a country’s economic, social and political injustice. It is due to the fact that it works mostly in direct and indirect forms which results in the wastage of talent and potential by developing bitter feelings which can include hatred and estrangement among the people. Racial discrimination can be taken as a hurdle in the material and social progress needed by a country. Also, it has been taken into observation that discrimination among minority groups and the groups which are considered as a majority leads to degradation of a country as a whole.
In order to understand this, Britain’s example of racism can be considered that the groups which suffer the ultimate racial inequality are from minority groups of outside Europe. These minority groups are diversified with respect to their culture, race, living standards and their origination from different parts of the British colonial world due to which they experience many acts of disregard related to racial inequality. In order to make the situation better and to provide the minority with equal treatment it is necessary to take some affirmative actions which can advance racial equality and prevent the people from injustice and cruelty (Mckenna).
The reason why affirmative actions are regarded as an effective source of solving the problem of racial inequality in United States of America is that it provides the evolution of civil rights in different parts where there is a racial inequality issue. It can be considered to a great extent that affirmative actions are necessary to be taken in order to curb the problems of racism. This should be done so as to help a qualified person when he loses the opportunities of advancement in his life socially, politically and economically. These actions will help him during the circumstances when he will be put back morally due to his race, gender and his socioeconomic status. Basically, affirmative actions are proposed to be taken as they can correct the effects of discrimination. So, these actions are actually designed to open the doors of equal treatment for every one regardless of the race, gender, color or creed. Furthermore, this will help the minorities in every direction. For instance, whether it is related to their field, their rights and the opportunities for which they are looking (Mckenna).
Moreover, the reason for applying these actions is the uneven distribution of safety measures and effective institutions of democratic government. Many countries are trying to overcome the problem of racism by applying the affirmative actions as they are of the view that these actions can advance the racial equality and equality of opportunities among the people. For this, prominent examples include East African Asians, Indians and Chinese who have made great progress in terms of providing self employment and educational qualifications. They have tried their level best in order to curb the issue (Mckenna).
Similarly, in United States, the Assistant Secretary who is appointed for the state and for the Western Hemisphere affairs in order to describe the above issue mentions that the polices proposed by the president of United States are related to the western hemisphere and focus on three priorities which sound critical to everyone usually. These priorities are related to the social and economic opportunity, safety and strengthening of effective and successful institutions of the democratic government (Mckenna).
Conclusively, racial equality is an important thing to be considered as it provides the minority groups with equal opportunities in all areas of their lives. Moreover, to promote the idea of racial equality, it is necessary to apply some of the effective affirmative actions as they are observed as an efficient way of solving the problem of racial injustice.
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